At Tony Butterworth Cycles we run a very busy workshop – but no matter how busy we are we pride ourselves on achieving a rapid turnaround – subject to product availability.

On bringing your bicycle to us we will go through your requirements with you and discuss any additional work that may need carrying out – should this change when work has started we will endeavour to contact you to discuss this. We will also give you an estimate of costs involved and a date/time for collection.

We will give you an estimate because we believe that fixed price servicing is a nonsense; even at the same point in a service cycle, no two bikes require the exact same jobs to be performed. More to the point, performing the exact same jobs on two different bikes will take different amounts of time.

So, whilst fixed price servicing is ostensibly designed to give customers confidence in what they’re getting (and what the bill will be), it actually reduces transparency and only ensures three things:

1. You (and your bike) don’t receive the individual service you deserve;

2. If your bike is an “easy job”, you get poor value, or

3. If your bike is a “tough job”, the work may be rushed (or some things may not get done at all).

At Tony Butterworth Cycles, we have a simple and transparent system built on comprehensive estimates, an hourly rate and an ongoing dialogue between the customer and ourselves.

We undertake most repairs/restorations/builds – but, very importantly, we do know our limitations – some suspension components requiring repair/service are sent away to specialists in this field. We have the equipment to pressurise air shocks with air, but we won’t do it.  You won’t be able to tell the difference between air and nitrogen when you’re riding, but the oxygen and the moisture will knacker your internals over time.  Conventional fork servicing we can do, and we do it well.

We are always grateful to receive bikes in a clean condition for us to work on. Excessively dirty machines will be subject to a cleaning charge over and above any service/repair costs.

As a small local bike shop we have lower overheads than some of the ‘big boys’ and we are confident we deliver excellent value and excellent work.